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A pair of handmade glass earrings hanging from a porcelain stand.


What makes NC unique? Here’s a hint, it’s not the chain stores or their products that give North Carolina its uniqueness. Its the small businesses that add uniqueness to a place and create that special local feel. No one travels to another state looking forward to checking out a local chain store. No, people look forward to experiencing local small businesses and the flavor they add to life.

What is GiftOasis?

GiftOasis is an online marketplace that makes it easy to find unique gift items made in North Carolina. Each item is expertly crafted by an artisan who runs a small business. We also provide consulting services for small businesses.

How does GiftOasis work?

Our site, when finished, will allow you to see all of these products in one place and learn the stories behind them. The website will also provide the ability to purchase each item directly from its maker.

Why you'll love GiftOais

We hope to make it easy to find unique gifts without spending all day shopping. At GiftOasis, we want to offer the high quality of boutique shopping without the hassle of driving from store to store.

Make unique, quality gifts?

If you have an NC artisan business and make high quality gift items, we invite you to learn more about selling on GiftOasis. Our marketplace may be just the place for you.

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Unique gifts made by small businesses in North Carolina
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