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I have been using VueJs with ASP.NET Core Razor for a couple years now and I find that the two technologies work well together. Vue works really well as a way to add reactiveness to web pages, and that’s true even for HTML generated using Razor. So that’s what I want to talk about. If that sounds interesting, keep reading.
There are plenty of articles about how you shouldn’t mix JQuery with Vue but all I can guess is that the people are writing from a theoretical standpoint rather than experience, or perhaps they are going the SPA route with something like webpack. But, my experience is that Vue and JQuery actually can co-exist quite nicely on the same page.
I’ve been doing web development since 1995, and .Net Development since it was in beta back in 2001. I’ve seen a lot of technologies come and go. As a software developer there is so much to learn and technologies keep changing. Some of the changes are real advancements and quite wonderful, others are just shiny objects that will be tossed to the side by the industry as soon as the novelty wears off. Vue is one of those rare technologies that is well worth learning. I'll explain why.
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